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What do you need from your CCTV system?

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CCTV systems can be a great tool for detecting and preventing crime but only if they are designed, installed and maintained effectively. There is a wide range of devices available on the market, so it is important to choose the right ones for your needs. An audit of your property should be conducted to determine what role you want the cameras to play, whether it is monitoring or giving security personnel the ability to identify people on the site.

Basic systems are generally used solely for monitoring. They are designed to observe as wide an area as possible so that comings and goings are monitored. With this type of system people will generally fill just 10% of the screen height. Operators will therefore need to zoom in on individuals if they want to be able to identify them but this may cause blurring.

Systems designed for detection are slightly more advanced, and the cameras may also be mobile so they can track movements. Figures are slightly larger on the footage, usually filling around 25% of the screen height. This means that the data may be more useful as evidence and could support witness accounts of people who come and go from the property.

If you want to be able to recognise people on the site from the CCTV footage, an even more advanced system will be required. When recognition is the aim the person should take up around 50% of the screen height to ensure maximum visibility. If required, your installation team can take it one step further and devise a system that will allow clear identification, with the person taking up 100% of the screen height so all their features can be clearly seen.

The type of system you have installed will depend on what you are trying to achieve and the size and type of property you have. If you need support or advice we would be happy to help. We are a leading provider of CCTV installations in Northampton and can advise all clients in and around the area, whether they are from the domestic, commercial or public sector. We are confident we can provide a fitting solution for every setting and boost security for the property in question.