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The impact different environments could have on your CCTV

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CCTV systems come in many forms and configurations to suit the demands of all kinds of sites. They can be designed to simply record information, or to issue alerts when intruders or incidents are detected. The second option is popular for sensitive and high value sites where rapid responses are necessary to maximise security.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when you choose CCTV is the setting that each camera will be in. This is crucial because areas can differ greatly in terms of the amount of cover they offer, the temperature, lighting and presence of contaminants. You should conduct a detailed survey of different areas so you can determine what type of equipment you need and what level of maintenance it will require.

Cameras positioned outside will naturally need additional protection against the elements. In many cases this is done by placing the device in a waterproof case. Care needs to be taken with this to ensure the quality of the recordings is not harmed. It is important to make sure the camera is protected but not affected by misting or other issues which may damage the visibility and usefulness of the images.

When cameras are installed inside a property the main concern is dust and cleanliness. Each device should be positioned where it will perform the best and capture the clearest images. This location must also make it easy to clean and maintain the equipment.

In areas where the temperature and amount of moisture is outside normal parameters, it is essential to consider the impact each will have on the devices. The presence of contaminants and potentially harmful substances should also be checked. Again in these situations you may need to put the camera in a case to protect it.

Our team of locksmiths in Kettering have extensive experience with CCTV systems and can provide installation services for property owners throughout the region. We can devise a solution for all kinds of settings, whether they are required in internal or external spaces. In each case we will consider the equipment that is needed and choose the right selection. We have experience with all kinds of market leading devices so you can have confidence we will provide the best system for you.