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Start anew in your home with new locks and keys

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When it comes to installing new locks on the doors of your property, it is important that you choose the right ones for each door. The security of your home is paramount and locks are the first line of defence against the threat of break ins and burglaries. By making sure you opt for the right locks and a professional fitting, you can be sure that you have taken adequate steps to keep your property and its contents secure.

If you have bought a property, there is simply no way to know how many copies of the keys have been cut in the past. People copy keys for many reasons, ranging from leaving a spare with friends and family to cutting new ones for new partners. Depending on how many people have lived in your property before you, there could be any number of keys that fit your house in other people’s possession. By changing the locks when you purchase a new property you can relax knowing that you and your trusted friends and family are the only ones with keys to your home, and that you are protected should any old key ever fall into the wrong hands.

A further factor to consider is the condition of the locks. If they are quite old, they may be rusty and of poor quality. They may have at some point in the past been jimmied or accidentally broken. When door locks suffer force or damage their integrity becomes compromised, which means they may not be offering your new home sufficient levels of security.

We can assist you with the removal of old locks and the installation of new ones as part of our specialised home movers package. We supply strong and secure new locks for the front and back door as well as any additional entrances your property may have. If you do not wish to wait, we can offer our services before you move in or even on the day. We are a trusted and professional team of locksmiths in Northampton, we are available on a 24/7 basis and we respond to our customers with a swift, efficient and affordable service.