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Our uPVC repairs will help you feel safe once more

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Our uPVC repairs will help you feel safe once more

Everyone knows that professional locksmiths are skilled at installing new or replacement locks and providing spare keys. This is a large part of what we do, but we also offer a range of other services to support our works with locks and security for your home or business premises. One of our most sought after and in-demand services is uPVC repair.

More and more homeowners are choosing to install uPVC door and window frames on their properties due to the many benefits they offer. These types of frames are cost effective, robust, and can even help to make buildings more energy efficient. However, despite their toughness they can become damaged due to a break-in, vandalism or wear and tear, particularly around the locking mechanism on the frame. Damaged uPVC frames will not offer you the full energy saving benefits you should be enjoying. This is most visible in double glazed windows, where a loose or broken lock can undermine the insulating qualities of the window by letting a draught through.

Despite this, a damaged or broken uPVC frame does not necessarily have to be replaced. In our experience it is rare that minor damage to a uPVC frame, particularly around the lock, means that everything needs to be replaced. The majority of door and window frames sold and installed in the UK today are designed to allow easy, efficient maintenance and repairs. When we are asked to fix or mend a lock on a uPVC window, we can usually get it back to a fully functioning state just as it was before it ever became damaged. We can also retrofit new locks to existing uPVC doors without causing any kind of damage to the door itself.

With our speedy, affordable and conscientious work, we have become known as a trusted name when it comes to matters of locks and security. We ensure all work carried out is completed comprehensively and given a professional finish, so you can feel confident that your broken door or window is fully functional once more. If you’d like any information on repairs, lock fittings or access control in the Northampton area, just get in touch.