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Fully controlling access to your commercial premises

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Access control systems are the result of extensive research and development of keyless security systems, and they play a big part in commercial security. They are available in several varieties and offer commercial premises state of the art protection.

One of the key advantages of the systems is personal identification. Once they are installed, you can keep full track of everyone that enters and leaves your premises. You may have differing schedules for your staff, or you may have certain employees that should only be on site at selected times. The integration of a system enables you to fully control who enters your building and when.

Entry systems ensure you are always aware when someone enters and exits your premises and your staff will benefit substantially from the increased sense of security. When employees feel safe at work, it helps them to feel comfortable, happy and motivated.

If an incident occurs such as an activated fire alarm, your system will help you ensure everyone is accounted for following the evacuation of your premises. Your system will also allow you to monitor the timekeeping of your staff and identify any persistent punctuality issues.

There are various systems available, ranging from a simple keypad system that is opened by a unique code to more complex options that require specialised cards or fobs. Key cards can immediately be deactivated should an employee leave or their employment be terminated. This ensures it cannot be used to gain access again. Additionally, when key cards are registered to employees they can easily be tested to establish the owner of the card should there ever be any confusion.

We specialise in the supply of a wide range of security solutions including access control. Our full range of services includes efficient installations along with repairs and upgrades. We regularly work with a diverse range of businesses and we use only the finest quality security systems available, so if you need a locksmith in Northampton to upgrade or improve security for your business, get in touch.