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Eliminating day to day access problems

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Eliminating day to day access problems

When business owners have access control systems installed, they often comment on how much more convenient they make day to day business operations. These systems eliminate problems such as staff waiting at the entrance in bad weather, managers waiting for all employees to leave before they could go home, and key holding staff having to return out of working hours to let cleaning and janitorial staff in.

If your commercial premises has interior entrances, it makes perfect sense to add controlled entry systems to improve efficiency and security. A major benefit of electronic keycard systems is that they offer you sophisticated levels of security that cannot be easily duplicated. Furthermore, when you implement electronic entry systems you are able to open every door in your building with a single card or code.

With access control every entry and exit is logged. This allows you to review all activity in the event of vandalism or theft as well as monitoring the punctuality of your staff. You can set specific accessibility rights to certain people, ensuring you have full control over who enters particular areas. Finally, your doors can be controlled remotely, enabling easy entry for clients, customers and technicians who visit your building.

We can install sophisticated access control systems that are individually tailored to meet your security needs. We pay a visit to your site to fully assess your requirements and advise you on the best system for you. Our site visit is free of charge and we will only offer the most beneficial recommendations.

Our services are available at all times and we respond to every call and enquiry swiftly. We maintain affordable prices and if your system should incur any problems or you need a replacement we will be with you in no time at all. As experienced locksmiths and security specialists we are able to install the finest systems and we can be relied on for high calibre access control, alongside a host of other services. Get in touch whenever you are in need of a skilled locksmith in the Northampton area.