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Cards remain an essential part of access control systems

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Over the last decade, biometric access control systems have advanced a great deal and grown in popularity as a result. They are now far more sophisticated, but at the same time the price of systems is coming down to make them accessible to a wider audience. Several manufacturers have predicted that this spells the imminent demise of systems that use access cards, but that is quite far from the truth. In fact here are five reasons why cards will remain popular for many more years.

1) The culture of card carrying

Cards are an essential part of life in the modern world, whether they are debit or credit cards, driver’s licenses, ID for the gym or for accessing properties. They have become a part of our culture because they are easy to carry and simple to use. It will take a monumental effort for biometrics to replace them altogether.

2) The huge number of installations

The number of different properties with access control systems featuring card readers is massive and it’s extremely unlikely that they could all be replaced overnight. To do so would require a huge effort, big costs and put a lot of pressure on manufacturers to satisfy the demand. All of this means you’ll probably continue to see use both swipe and contactless systems for the foreseeable future.

3) Is the added security necessary?

When you consider the variety of properties that use access control systems with cards, how many actually need the added security of biometrics? Many businesses and public buildings don’t and would be unlikely to upgrade when their current system already meets their needs.

4) Improving card security

As an alternative to switching to more expensive biometric systems, you can put additional measures in place to improve the card security. An easy way to do this is to require a person to have their card and input a unique PIN code to gain access. A thief is unlikely to be able to steal a card and also get the PIN, so security is boosted substantially without the huge cost of upgrading. There are several other ways to improve card security too.

5) Cards work efficiently

Access card technology is more refined than biometric and has a proven track record. Cards work far more efficiently and there are fewer potential issues. This generally results in lower maintenance costs. Biometrics is much younger, which means there are more potential problems which can be experienced.

At Wentworth Locksmith and Security Solutions we have a great deal of experience with access control in Northampton and beyond. We have a fantastic understanding of the market and the continued demand for card systems. This puts us in a great place to support clients across the region in all kinds of ways. We can handle system maintenance and repairs as well as designing and installing systems.