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Broken keys are more common than you think

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Broken keys are more common than you think

If you have ever found yourself faced with the frustration of standing helpless in front of your door with a broken key jammed into the lock, we can assure you that you are not alone. Our keys go through quite a lot year on year. Repeated use and a million hard landings on desks, floors and table tops can eventually take their toll. Here are a few tips and hints to avoid a broken key and the stress of not being able to get into your property.

We have likely all made this mistake at one time or another. Leaving the key in the door and using it as a handle may seem convenient, but it is never a good idea as it puts undue stress on the key. As time goes on it creates a weak spot and can eventually result in a snapped key.

If you notice that your key is difficult to turn, it may be due to wear and tear of the cylinders. When this occurs the springs begin to weaken, which causes the pins to sag. When the pins are misaligned it makes it hard to turn the key in the lock. In this instance it can be tempting to force the key but this can once again result in the key breaking.

Using the wrong key is an easy mistake to make and accounts for a substantial proportion of key and lock mishaps. Forcefully attempting to turn the incorrect key can play havoc with not only the key but also the lock. Keys can easily be damaged when they are left in doors, particularly in commercial premises. This is more common in back doors and loading entrances that have delivery vehicles and carts moving in and out all day. By taking keys out of doors when they are not in use, you can avoid any damage.

If you notice that your key is bent, it is effectively a broken key and to avoid it breaking in your door it is best to get a replacement. Finally, it is best to use your key only as a key and avoid turning it into a bottle opener or screwdriver.

Our trusted locksmiths in Kettering can provide a fast, affordable and reliable service for our customers that find themselves in the middle of a broken key nightmare. We assist domestic and commercial customers and our services are available 24 hours a day.