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24 hour locksmith service

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Wentworth’s offer a 24 hour locksmith service to customers domestic or commercial. We pride ourselves on our fast response time, usually arriving in under 30 minutes from the time you call. All our locksmiths are trained in specialist non-destructive opening techniques. This means that even without your keys we can normally gain entry to your property without the need to replace locks. This can save you £’s. Calling a Locksmith out can be a daunting task due to horror stories of extortionate bills. At Wentworth’s we don’t believe in ripping people off, we charge a fair price for a fair days work.

What to do if you find yourself locked. Firstly don’t panic. Your first instinct will be to try and find a way in and why not at the end of the day who wants to pay out for a locksmith if you don’t have to. The next thing that happens in our experience is that a friend or neighbour will try and help and that can be great but be careful it could also be expensive. Sometimes we get called out to properties where people have tried to force a way in after finding themselves locked out. What we tend to find is this has caused damage to either the door, the frame, Lock, multipoint mechanism or all of them. As you can imagine this can then get expensive to put right. Our locksmith’s are highly skilled at getting into properties with the minimal amount of fuss or damage. In most cases we uses non-destructive techniques meaning there is zero damage at all. This in turn will save you ££££££’s in the long run.